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An Beginner Beer Snob's Lead to Beer: The H Beers

Down below is an alphabetical listing of all the beers I tasted from December 1997 to Oct 2009, all 527 beers. I have tasted the majority of of these beers further than at the time to make confident of my feelings on them.

The listings under will embrace the name of the beer, my numerical ranking based on my personal scale of .1 to ten., and a very little of my personal feelings about each beer.

Hacker-PschorrDunkel Weisse


From the very same Munich, Germany, friends and family that delivers us Paulaner brews. This darkish wheat (dunkel weisse) has way far too significantly carbonation and a very little sweetness. The taste is wonderful but ruined by all these rough bubbles. Trace: You shouldn't consume this and smoke a cigar seeing that the warmth from the stogie uses up the tongue when it's combined with all that fizz. If you cant inform, the carbonation hurts this brew's rating a lot.

Hacker-PschorrMarzen Amber


Exceedingly moist and easy with a touch of bitterness on the way down.

Really difficult Rock Really difficult Gauge Beer


Yeah, this is a brew from the Really difficult Rock Cafe families. This 1 is brewed in Detroit, Michigan. You'll find it a very bitter low-budget lager-type beer. Drinkers of typical American fare might probably find out this unusual, but the relaxation of us never. Damp.



This Irish lager tastes amazing, but it's just a very little far too fizzy for my flavor. Outstanding with just about any meal or for just drinking. Harp Brewery in Dundalk tends to make this stuff for Guinness.

Harpoon Ale


Tremendous caramel coloring, and a very little better than the majority of American ales. This was Harpoon Brewery's original ale again in 1987. Goes nicely with a pimento cheese sandwich.

Harpoon I.P.A.


Won't flavor like your regular India Pale Ale (that's what the I.P.A. stands for). Has a better taste than most I.P.A. beers, and also lacks the bitter aftertaste of most I.P.A. beers. Tastes further like a strong pale ale. Outstanding, light coloring. Give this 1 a flavor. Comes from the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Ma., and Windsor, Vt.

Harpoon Munich Sort Darkish Beer


This consume reminds 1 of a weak porter. It has strength, but it's further like 1 of these mass-marketed darkish beers than a a fact porter or stout. Has a respectable burnt taste that just isn't far too sturdy for a fact beer tasters. Just the slightest hint of carbonation. Value providing a test.

H. C. Berger Chocolate Stout


Those people of you with a sweet tooth can halt getting your hopes up - there just isn't serious chocolate in this brew. Surprisingly weak for a stout, further like a watery porter with some added maple texture thrown in.

H. C. Berger Doppelbock Beer


An overly-sweet beer that is serious on the tongue. A very stoutesque brew.

H. C. Berger Dunkel


Has a sturdy sweetness. Pretty moist. Tastes a lot like H.C. Berger Rauchbier, Doppelbock Beer and Kolsch Ale. Beer specifics: A brewmaster is a male brewer of beer, even while a brewster is a female brewer of beer. Wager you did not know that, did you?

H. C. Berger Indego Pale Ale


This beer comes from the H.C. Berger Brewing Firm of Fort Collins, Colorado. This is 1 of the better and further bitter pale ales with a touch of sweetness in the aftertaste. If you like Old Earth pale ales, this consume is for you. Surprisingly moist and easy but relatively unique from the majority of of the further Americanized pale ales.

H. C. Berger Kolsch Ale


A slight sweetness with some beer-like bitterness. Tastes just like several or several other H.C. Berger beers.

H. C. Berger Rauchbier


Damp with a sturdy combination of bitter and sweet. The bitter turns sweet the further you consume, to the level of becoming frustrating. Not a tremendous fabulous brew, but the ideal of a few H.C. Berger beers that flavor a lot alike.

H. C. Berger Red Banshee Ale


One of the better amber ales that's really worth your time. Pretty highly effective and moist.

H. C. Berger Whistlepin Wheat Ale


From Fort Collins, Colorado. There is certainly a honey sweetness right here and a very little fizz that dominates. Goes down very fairly simple and the sweetness just isn't far too sturdy.



This beer from Holland is quite weak and a very little fizzy. There is next to nothing specialized right here. For the value, you can get a significantly far better beer. This is 1 of the most overrated beers.

Heineken Darkish


An particularly mediocre darkish beer. Only beer snob wannabes and beer snob novices should really consume this beer. If you are a student, never be bothered, the tastes get far better with other beers. There is a very little maple bitterness to this beer. That's all.

Hempen Ale


The Frederick Brewing Co. of Frederick, Maryland, puts this stuff collectively. This beer is constructed utilizing seeds from hemp vegetation. The consume is a sweet brown ale that at initial feels oily to the lips. Drinkable and will not flavor terrible, but that's about it.

Heurich's FoggyBottom Ale


Manufactured by The Olde Heurich Brewing Firm of Washington, D.C. Just a tad far too significantly fizz, but goes down easy. A bit of kick in the aftertaste tends to make this beer a very little far too significantly for novices, but just properly for mid-level beer snobs.

Heurich's FoggyBottom Lager


Also spicy for me, but goes down easy and is frothy. Comes to us from The Olde Heurich Brewing Firm of Washington, D.C. Rumor is this company tries to specialize in German beers.

Heurich'sSpringFogg bock beer


Fairly strong. To some degree like a sturdy lager. A very little froth. A very little sweetness. A incredibly good beer to go with cigars.

Heurich'sWinterFogg porter


Not poor for nevertheless a different 1 of these spiced-up winter brews. Also significantly carbonation. Has a fruity taste combined into a quite strong maple texture. One of the far better winter brews readily available.

Highfalls India Pale Ale


This Rochester, New York. beer is from the very same people who brew JW Dundee's Honey Brown Lager. This I.P.A. will not have the overpowering bitter flavor of the majority of I.P.A.s. However, it does have far too significantly carbonation. The flavor is marginally sweet, very nearly like that of a weak Scottish Ale.

Holsten pils


Comes from Hamburg, Germany. The coloration is weak and so is the taste. Reminds me of a typical American beer like Budweiser. A touch of carbonation. A surprisingly easy bitter taste.

Holsten Premium Bier


Not really worth fooling with. Weak, moist and a very little bit of a beer taste. Just keep absent.

HopsClearwater Gentle


Remarkably carbonation-no cost for a light beer. Surprisingly easy. Close to far too easy.

Hops Hammerhead Red


A very little far too significantly carbonation, but has the marginally burnt taste of a respectable amber ale. Value providing a test.

Hops Lumberjack Oatmeal Stout


Fairly darkish with a burnt maple strength, but overly easy for a serious beer. You can see a very little light due to this stout. Not relatively strong ample to be a a fact stout, in my point of view, but not weak ample to be a reduced beer, even a porter. The burnt sweetness stays on the tongue a very long time upon you consume this.

Hops Lightning Bold Gold


A relatively easy medium lager that very nearly tastes like a light beer. Has a hint of honey sweetness on the way down.

HopsPowder Horn Pilsener


Exceedingly light and easy. A most desired bar/brewery beer of mine. Marginally sweet ample to love tremendously. Award winning. I initial tried this at the Hops restaurant in Winter season Park, Florida, just outdoors of Orlando. Give it a test if you eliminate at 1 the Hops eateries.

Hoster Amber Lager Beer


A very little far too weak for my tastes, but tends to make a incredibly good drinking beer. Not weak compared to most premium U.S. beers, but weak for the a fact beer snob. Value your time to flavor. A incredibly good pub beer or beer for hanging out with friends at home.

Hoster Gold High Beer


A incredibly good, easy, thoroughly clean lager. Not a thing extraordinary but really worth tasting. Gentle ample that you could love this regularly. Came from Hoster Brewing Firm of Columbus, Ohio, but sorry to say the company has shut up shop the very last I noticed (despite the fact that their Web web page just isn't utterly dead nevertheless).

HosterHefe Weizen beer


A non-serious beer with a sturdy fruity scent and flavor on the way down. Individuals who want one thing unique than their standard premium beers, but never like sturdy beers, should really test this. I have noticed some hefeweizen-type brews to be far too fruity flavored, but this brew avoids that trouble. Hefeweizens are a type of wheat beer.

Hoster ninety Shilling Ale


A Scottish-type ale but not overly sweet (despite the fact that there is a very little malt tartness). I find out Scottish ales far too sweet generally, but this 1 just isn't poor. I don't very assumed about it prior to now, but the bottle for this beer states Scottish ales are sweet (malty) seeing that hops would not develop nicely in Scotland.

HosterRev. Purley Ale


A moist, strongly bitter pale ale. Classic pale ale drinkers would do nicely to give this a test. Carefully pleasant.

Hubsch Pilsner


Brewed by Sudwerk Privatbrauerei Hubsch of Davis, California. This consume is sturdy for a pilsner, with a hardy bitterness. Surprisingly moist. Pretty incredibly good in chili.

Quote from Ernest Hemingway

Invariably do sober what you says you'd do drunk. That will instruct you to preserve your mouth shut.

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